What happens when you combine an influential speech with moving video clips and a beautiful song? You are left with a powerful message. Youtube user Justin Aberin created an inspirational video using Charlie Chaplin‘s speech in The Great Dictator dubbed over Porter Robinson‘s recently released, captivating single from Worlds, Sea of Voices.

“When I first heard the song ‘Sea of Voices’, I couldn’t help but hear Charlie Chaplin’s speech in ‘The Great Dictator’ as it played. Even the lyrics went hand-in-hand with it.”

The message of the video is simple and yet so complex: be kind even in the midst of wars, poverty, pain, and controversy. It features clips of misery and bloodshed, but also moments of hugging and love.

The end of the video hit home for me personally; EDM events are the few places we can attend in order to forget the tribulations of the “real world,” the few places where you will see people with conflicting ideas on religion and politics and life standing side by side united by the music, the few places where it is okay to reach out a helping hand and just be. A video like this makes me want to take those idealisms from the rave culture and continue to try and apply them to every day life, even when it seems impossible or hard to make a change.

“Be kind, whenever it is possible. It is always possible.” -Dalai Lama

My words can not do justice to the way this video is able to evoke such piercing feelings. This is something you need to see…feel for yourself.