With more than 100,000 people each day visiting the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for Electric Daisy Carnival 2014, the “Nevada Taxicab Authority on Tuesday voted unanimously to issue 12 special medallions — license plates allowing the operation of cabs — to each of the 16 taxi companies that operate in Clark County for the festival, the largest event of its kind in the world.”

This could theoretically add up to 192 extra taxi cabs on the streets of Las Vegas. The main reasoning behind this decision seems to be the fact that with the Speedway being 16 miles outside of the Strip, taxis will be without fare for 45 minutes at a time – while there are plenty of people early in the night willing to go to the event, not so many are leaving as early.

The Electric Daisy Carnival generates unusual transportation patterns compared with other special events staged in Las Vegas. It occurs over a 10-hour period and is about 16 miles from the center of the Strip. Most cab rides in the city are 10 miles or less. Authority board members said they supported additional cab allocations because each vehicle that makes a run to the speedway is out of commission for at least 45 minutes and vehicles that make a run rarely have a passenger to pick up for the return.

While many attendees will be driving themselves, this will (hopefully) alleviate some of the parking issues that have been so prevalent in the past.


Source: Las Vegas Review Journal