Last week, NTWRK Apparel launched its new brand campaign that aimed at reinventing themselves, as well as others. The lifestyle brand is based in Colorado, but their reach extends far beyond even the state borders. Driven by dance music enthusiasts, their ideas and tastes are on point. Having kept, and even augmented, their artist merchandise, NTWRK is a growing company whose products will catch your eye, whether it’s because of the bright shine off one of their holographic items, or just because their products are so darn fresh.

Ravers can expect a variety of elegant, yet down to Earth pieces including shirts, tanks, sweatshirts and crews. Their artist lineup currently consists of Dirt Monkey, TOER, Skrux, Night Crime, Antics, and Decadon, with each having multiple options for you to choose from.

One line that may have peeked your interest earlier is their holographic wear. These flashy items sport holographic emblems that will have you being the center of attention at any get-together. They are perfect for taking your outfit up a notch in a manner that isn’t over the top. The sleek look can be had by males and females alike. Grab your gear at the NTWRK website after you peep the brand’s promotional video!

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