As one of the scene’s most prolific producers, it was only a matter of time until Zomboy released his debut album. For myself, and many other bassheads, the fact that he is combining the release of ‘The Outbreak’ with a full US tour caused an overwhelming wave of anticipation. Out on the mighty Never Say Die in July, it will give Zomboy (or Joshua Mellody as he is also known), the chance to display some of his other musical influences and styles alongside that classic Brostep sound that we all love. ‘The Outbreak’ tour will commence in May, which will be when the first single is released and joining him are Cookie Monsta, Eptic and TC. Before this tour launches kicks into motion we were able to get the lowdown on these exciting plans from the man himself.

You’ve just announced your US tour and forthcoming debut album, big news! How long has the album been in the making? 

Yeah I’ve been keeping it quiet for a while so really excited for everyone to hear it and to be back on the road! I started working on ‘The Outbreak’ last year and it’s been that process of narrowing down all the new material and tweaking it until I was happy with it! Felt good to be working on a longer project too, it’s given me the opportunity to explore a load of different sounds.

What is the story behind the title? 

The idea was to recreate the way a virus breaks out and quickly infects loads of people. I wanted to have a Zomboy epidemic where the music was suddenly spreading everywhere like you are infected by the bass! This is also represented by the tour, which will feature lots of “outbreak” related features…

The first single from the album drops in May. What can we expect from it? 

The album is a range of music styles – from drumstep to dubstep to house… and the first single has turned out to be big-room house, which I’ve got really into recently and sounds awesome when it’s done well. It’s got a great female vocal and plenty of summer festival vibes.

You’re playing nearly 30 shows on the tour, any that you’re particularly excited about playing? 

It’s the first time I have done a bus tour and it’s going to be intense for sure! I have been working with a production team on creating a really special visual show and I can’t wait for everyone to come and experience this. Will be great to get out to Canada again, and the final show in Denver will no doubt be a lot of fun. Not to mention touring with my bros Cookie Monsta, TC and Eptic will be amazing as well!

 Do you have any plans for a UK/EU tour?

My management is in talks to get a UK/Europe tour in place as we speak! I’d love to get to play for all my fans closer to home and well as across the pond so hopefully that will be confirmed soon.

Any personal favorites from the LP? 

I’m really proud of the single, really enjoyed working on it and working towards a sound I’d like to keep exploring in the future. There are also a couple of heavier tracks on there that will definitely do some damage!

Thanks to Zomboy for taking the time to chat with us and make sure to purchase tickets to a show near you which are now on sale here.