Not that all producers and ravers should go out and take MDMA, but some day that, clinically, may be the case for many of us. A serious problem that may be remedied by the controversial drug is Tinnitus, a condition with an unknown central cause that results in a piercing ring in the ears. The most obvious thing that comes to mind with ears, especially EDM ears, is loud music. This, along with numerous other causes can contribute to someone suffering from Tinnitus, which currently has no cure. That may be subject to change however!

In New Zealand, Tinnitus patient testimonies have prompted researchers to attempt gaining permission to start MDMA trials for sufferers of this rather absurd condition. Would you want a constant, yet fluctuating ring/buzz going on all the time? I don’t think so. Pain can ensue, not to mention the possible psychological pain caused by having to deal with something that subjectively annoying. No matter the symptoms, it seems as though enough evidence has been compiled by a team at the University of Auckland to try and make use of MDMA to cure the ailment.

May is when the researchers are hoping they can get trials up and running. Discussions took place at the International TRI Tinnitus Conference to see just how plausible of a route this would be to venture down. Given MDMA’s continued push towards medical use, the door is open for even more trials and treatments that utilize the “raver drug.” Given the direct relation to us dance music lovers and our aural concerns, this is something to stay up to date on. The process is in it’s very early stages, but once they get the ball rolling I think official results will come soon after.

However, since it is MDMA that is being dealt with, there will be a lot of barriers to get over and hoops to jump through. Even if it becomes legal for medical use, that won’t mean you can just fake being a victim to get medication. It will likely have stringent policies akin to drugs like Morphine and Methadone, so don’t get too excited. Let this be a warning and a reminder to always keep your ears as safe as possible!

There is no good research yet and that’s something that we are hoping to do very soon.
Grant Searchfield

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