Some of you may know me as the manager for the up-and-coming Chicago-based duo, X5IGHT. Others of you may know me from my guest column here on Your EDM back in January Climbing the Ladder: Steps to Success in the Music Industry. This being said, I’m sure a lot of you still do not know me. If there’s one thing you should know about me though, it’s that I am here to be a game changer. I want to make a difference.

As a young employee of the music industry, I am always seeking advice and encouragement from fellow up-and-comers and from those who have already established a name for themselves. After connecting with hundreds of people in my first three years in the industry, I have discovered that almost everyone shares a similar craving. I want to fulfill this craving. Therefore, I have decided to collaborate with Your EDM to launch a new project: Aspire to Inspire.

Every Tuesday at 6:00pm EST, beginning on April 1st, we will be featuring advice and/or words of encouragement from a highly respected and inspiring individual in the music industry. We will be choosing someone from all realms of the music industry including PR, management, artists, writers, and even just dedicated fans to the EDM genre. In addition, once a month we will give someone the opportunity to either share their story or just speak their mind through a guest editorial. The goal behind Aspire to Inspire is to not only establish hope or provide guidance for those looking to become a big name, but it is also to give people a voice.