For most Miami Music Week attendees, the week is about pool parties and catching every major electronic music act in the world. However, Martin Garrix is doing more than just raging; the young superstar will also be visiting the local Alonso Mourning Overtown Youth Center on March 27th to interact with the kids.

Garrix will be teaching them basic music mixing techniques while Alexander Mijares will be simultaneously instructing the children in a lesson promoting musically inspired painting. They will have the opportunity to mingle with the young star as well as participate in an “Animals” inspired art project while Mijares will be contributing a piece of his own to be sold in donation for the Youth Center.

Not only a brilliant marketing decision, but also a legitimately kind-hearted thing to do, young Garrix scores a few points in my book with this contribution to the local community. We can only hope to see more artists doing such community outreach events in the near future.