At the Sunburn Headquarters in Delhi, India, Shailendra Singh catches up with deadmau5 before one of his sets during his first Indian tour.

“I’ve been doing this deadmau5 thing for 10-15 years and not once came to India.”

In the interview, deadmau5 conveys why he had never been able to visit the country before and how it was such a treat to finally have come and played in India after all his years in the industry. He makes the comparison among the crowds in North America and Australia to that of the Indian people, and accentuates the amount of love evaporating from the Indian crowd.

“When I want to make money I’ll go to Vegas. When I want to party I’ll go to Miami. But when I want love, I go to India.” – Axwell

Deadmau5 agrees with Axwell that India is the place to go to feel the love. Check out the full interview below.