With their curated compilation now out on John Dahlback’s Mutants Records, the Swedish siblings Lunde Bros are in a great place right now. To be hand selected by such a prestigious figure in the scene only highlights their capability as producers. They stepped up to the plate in spectacular style, and provided no less than six originals/remixes of their own material, which you can get your hands on here. We caught up with Christophe and Niklas to discuss the album.

How long did it take you to put the compilation together from start to finish?

We decided to not rush things through with this one, so it took a while for us to put it together. It took about two weeks from the day we sat down for the first time until we considered it finished.

Which tracks are you most proud of?

Our own track ‘Jump Up’ is probably the main one for us. It’s a great, bouncy track that we are proud of to have on the compilation.

If you could describe the compilation in three words, what would they be?

Sexy, hot and original.

How do you find being part of the Mutants family?

It feels great for us both and we are really glad to be part of the label. We have so much fun in this family and the vibes are great!

Would you ever consider running your own label?

Yes, for sure! That would be really cool! Having the power of new releases and spreading our sound would be so cool.

What is next for the Lunde Bros this year?

We have a lot of new things from the studio that we are dealing with at the moment and talking to some labels. We also have a really nice summer coming up with some exciting gigs.