If you are in charge of even one event, chances are you will find yourself with a lot of fires under your ass. Luckily, one of those fires is out for Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac, who will be receiving $400,000 from the LA Coliseum Commission for attorney’s fees relating to the Commission’s failed lawsuit against the event promotions company who faced six dismissed cases from the LA group alone. Because of the absurd claims driven by irrelevancies, all attacks were thwarted with the result being paid reparations for Insomniac.

I’m happy to see Pasquale and company getting the reimbursement they deserve for having to deal with such a petty road block. Although this situation is avoided, criminal charges against the victors are still being carried out at the moment. More information will be presented as it comes to light, but at this moment we can celebrate a small victory for our beloved Insomniac crew!

Source: Mix Junkies