Along with the announcement of Porter Robinson‘s upcoming album Worlds a few months back came word of something else significant: a whole new Porter Robinson tour. Robinson, who has a 2014 residency at Marquee in Las Vegas, proclaimed that Marquee will be one of the few places to see his “classic style DJ set”, for his new live show will feature a very different style and sound.

Robinson recently caught up with inthemix to discuss what fans should expect from his highly anticipated tour, which is expected to go live “about a month and a half” after Worlds is officially dropped. The 21 year old producer plans to begin his tour in the United States “because that’s naturally where you go” before taking it to a “a bunch of key festivals.”

 ”…and I don’t mean dance festivals. I think I’ll be skipping a few key dance festivals – not because I’m opposed to them, but because I don’t think the new show will be ready yet.”

With the exception of his sets at Marquee, Robinson has emphasized that he will not be playing typical DJ-sets, but will instead focus on a live show featuring all originals, with Flume as his source of inspiration.

“I plan to be doing all originals, kind of like a career-spanning, mash-up, multi-tracked, sample-triggering live show. I don’t want to copy his set-up, but watching Flume’s show, where he’s triggering samples – a lot of that stuff inspires me and gives me ideas. I want to do something different, for sure.”

This is the year for Porter Robinson to really explore and establish himself in a new sound, as already exhibited with his awe-inspiring first track released from Worlds, Sea of Voices. Although he has remarked that the next single that will be released from Worlds is aiming for a radio spot, he maintains that even that song will reflect much of what the record is about, such as”being pretty and loud and triumphant.”

Whatever the tour brings, you can bet I will be there supporting the beautiful journey this artist is taking. In case you live under a rock and missed it, check out his refreshing and cathartic track Sea of Voices below…on repeat…for hours… while you eagerly await further announcements regarding Robinson‘s live show.


Try and tell me that track doesn’t make you want to change the world after listening to it.