For Will Weeks and Jim Bastow, the sky is the limit. Time in and time out these two OWSLA signees have not just impressed label boss Skrillex, but also their fans. From warping glitch-hop basslines to orchestral masterpieces, KOAN Sound have proven themselves as incredibly talented producers, no matter what they’re putting their mind to.

KOAN Sound’s latest endeavor in the form of yet another EP highlights the funky, soulful, and groovy basslines of their roots. “7th Dimension” is the bold, well articulated, glitchy bass track that we all love with an infectious synth lead while “Dynasty” brings the heavy attacks and crisp Japanese inspired strings to the table.

As the second half of the EP rolls around, the aptly titled “Infinite Funk” shines as a futuristic anthem, combining mean chord licks on the electric guitar with a killer drum line, not to mention the impeccable standard of sound design that KOAN Sound have built their name upon. Wrapping up another four track mini-masterpiece is “Lost In Thought” slows things down into a laid back drum n bass, featuring haunting vocal echoes and absolutely beautiful orchestral moments, highlighting and reminding fans of the work on their Sanctuary EP.

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