I’m still keen on showcasing talent that’s a bit closer to home i.e. not seperated by the Atlantic ocean. The last time I did this I brought you Kaya, who have recently received support from Nervo and Mark Knight. Junior J is the next Northern Irish DJ I’d like to cover and coincidentally, he is also from the same area.

Jay Hamilton or Junior J, has only been DJing for two years and has gone from a warm up act at LUSH! to playing alongside the likes of Fatboy Slim, Calvin Harris, Hardwell and Afrojack.

The Northern Irish DJ is now based in Manchester and his productions have been catching the attentions of several major labels and DJs. So far Jay has released his productions through Spinnin Records, Magik Muzik, Black hole Recordings and Vicious Recordings, which is no mean feat for sure.

His latest release comes from the most unlikeliest of sources: The shlocky, Saturday-night, ‘What were they thinking?’ fest Britain’s Got Talent. The Luminites, a cutsey ‘urban’ act who reached the final, may have been branded as ‘the next Black Eyed Peas‘ but thankfully Junior J has opted for something more exciting in his remix.

Utilising the catchy ‘la-la-las’ of the bridge, Junior J creates a potent and aggressive atmosphere, which is only exacerbated by the bass-line. The breakdown declares there shall only be ‘girls and drinks’, which certifies that this track will sound great in any room anywhere, big or small.

Junior J has plenty of other projects in the pipeline and will be playing Creamfields in the Nation Arena alongside Thomas Gold and Danny Avila. We look forward to hearing more.