Cy Kosis handcuffed the trap game and threw away the keys with his new EP, Highs N Lows. Brought to us by Clubtapes as a free download through the producer’s Facebook, you will be amazed by the five singles that formulate the EP. With trap being the center point, Cy Kosis took various other styles and constructed multi-hybrid productions that take hip-hop beats to a whole other level. The LA resident was not alone in concocting this project; he enlisted the help of E, Tone Pérignon and Charlie Bars. Right now, let’s get ourselves in the heat of Highs N Lows.

With tracks like “Dragonfly” and “PaperChasin,” Cy Kosis shows his aptitude to create memorable chill ventures that play more towards your head than your heart/body; although, that doesn’t take anything away from the emotive appeal each of these tracks possess. The title track, which plays second, is a space-industry fusion that has some of the most top quality sounds in the EP alongside “The Raptor.” Whether it’s a growly bass, whacky synth or somethings I can’t even really describe, these two songs should be studied by any producers out there trying to take their game to the next level. A track that may serve to be the most popular concludes the EP, being “Wurk.” The Charlie Bars collaboration is more traditional to the EDM trapstyle that has overtaken the world over the course of the past couple years now. It’s fun, it’s wild and much like the other tracks on this EP, it’s free. Download the mega EP via the link below to enjoy some real quality music.

Free Download