Ever sit at a show or a festival and wonder to yourself where are the classic songs? You’re trying to listen to that song the DJ said was brand new over the microphone, but you can’t help feel completely disconnected to this foreign material. You spent just under a hundred dollars to be here and you’re waiting to hear something that’ll make every dime worth it. You anticipate for the song that captures the nostalgia from a few years ago with a fresh new twist. For that, meet the twenty-one year-old producer killing it in the Miami scene known as Cadence.

With an extended play on Pop Rox Muzik, a collaboration with Eche Palante on Pulse Records, and a variety of freebies on SoundCloud, Cadence is not afraid to share his production skills. He proves this with his recent dabble on the classic rage anthem “C’Mon” by Tiësto & Diplo that took the dance community by shock back in 2010. Now four years later, this monumental song gets the proper rework from Miami’s finest. At first glance, this song sounds nothing like the original in that it only uses the famous “C’MON” sound bit and detonates into a Nicky RomeroZROQ-WTF-like frenzy that will give you chills as you jump with your fist in the air. As it calms down, a violin rendition of the original tune comes forward to prep the listener for a second wave of electro-house goodness.

Give a listen and hit download if you want to have this track blowing up your speakers because this monster is a free download. Also give your ratings and comments on your thoughts of this new edition of “C’Mon” from Tiësto & Diplo.