You might have read our latest Aspire to Inspire article featuring SirensCeol, well the man obviously never stops working because he just released this massive tune today. There are some serious Koan Sound vibes in this one, and the intro has a pretty Liquid DnB influence to it, which is something SirensCeol has been working with lately (and completely killing it). The breakdown brings in some absolutely superb drum patterns, one of the cleanest kick and snare lines i’ve heard in a while! If I HAD to give this a genre, I would call it progressive liquid drum&bass house. But i’m not going to give it a genre, because that’s what SirensCeol is all about, exceeding expectations and transcending genres. Combine that raw talent with the skill and expertise of his friends Reaktion and The Eden Project, and you’ve got yourself a certified hit. Do yourself a favor and download this one, because the skill that went into this track is something you really don’t want to miss out on.

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