There are few places like Tomorrowland. That’s right, I’m calling it a place, even if it only appears once a year. The wonder, excitement, and most important of all, unity that inundates the grounds is rivaled by few settings, if any. It’s a full on cultural experience that is driven by the power of music. The tenth anniversary of Tomorrowland will take place this year with the graces of a ten minute hymn composed by Hans Zimmer.

You may recognize Hans Zimmer from films like The Dark Knight, Inception and 12 Years a Slave. With the anthem in the hands of a man who has won multiple Grammy’s, an Academy award and two Golden Globes, you can be totally 100% sure he will do justice to the event that sees inhabitants from 214 countries. You can get a sneak peak into the homogeneous composition through the trailer that is provided below. Prepare to be wowed.