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Beatport, one of the most popular electronic music retailers, furthered its reach in the music world with a new library management system.

Imagine an iTunes version of Serato and Traktor (two popular Digital Vinyl Systems), where one can categorize music based on tracks, mixes, stems, parts, loops, oneshots, and sound effects.

Beatport Pro distinguishes itself from other software, by having advanced filtering capabilities. Like on the original website, the user can sort out the tracks based on artists, genre, etc. It also features a new, neat tag option in which Beatport describes:

“Tag your music collection with attributes such as ‘venue,’ ‘mood,’ ‘instruments,’ and ‘processing.’ No more hacking your comments or genre tags. Sync your entire music collection with the extensive Beatport catalog to make sure your metadata is complete. Transform your music collection in ways you never imagined possible.”

The software is available for Mac users only, and there is no word for Windows compatibility. However, it does integrate with iTunes, Serato, Traktor and RekordBox.

Snag this free software here.