I never though that while writing for YourEDM that I’d ever cover a story with Angels & Airwaves involved. For those who may not be as well versed in knowing who they were, A&A was rock supergroup made up of members from blink-182, Box Car Racer, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and Lostprophets. They were well known for songs like “The Adventure” and “Everything’s Magic” and plan on releasing an album by October 31 of this year called¬†POET.

As a special freebie for the weekend, Pa_triot has taken care of an emotional roller-coaster of remix of “The Flight Of Apollo” by Angels & Airwaves. In the true progressive house spirit, Pa_triot gives listeners who grew up listening to alternative/punk rock the dance music equivalent with uplifting melody and synths turned up all the way. What I really enjoy about this remix is how Pa_triot is able to take Tom DeLonge’s vocals and make them echo in the background and still power through as this song sends you soaring through the sound.

Big ups to Pa_triot and his new remix which is available on his SoundCloud page right now. Check it, grab it, and comment or rate it. But more importantly, enjoy this new super remix from soon-to-be-star.