Miami is coming in big on this new original collaboration between Havok Roth and Chips X Ahoy. Lately it seems as though in many house DJ sets you will find some trap peering it’s head around the corner and in many trap DJ sets there is bound to be a big room or hardstyle drop at some point, so in this collaboration the boys cut out the middle man and layed down a big room, trap house compound.

“GTFD” has across the spectrum appeal from it’s big electro saw synths, rapid snare rolls, subby kicks, bumping 808s and that classic “Get The FΩck Down” vocal sample. This original comes in at 130bpm so it is a perfect cross breed for many-a DJ set and definitely has the curb side twinkle to ignite any main stage performance this festival season.

Grab a free download of “GTFD” below and rate.