Derived from the up-beat, horn-synth-infused Dutch house genre, Melbourne bounce, is yet another descendent of the electro house family. It often fuses elements from psychedelic trance (aka psytrance) and acid house, along with an offbeat bass-line giving it that “bouncy” feel. To grossly and exorbitantly summarize: it’s basically big room house with an offbeat, “bouncy” bass-line.

Recently, tyDi, aka Tyson Illingworth, took to his Soundcloud page to express his (mostly negative) feelings towards Melbourne bounce. Tyson wanted to point out the problem that his homeland’s producers are putting forth. This isn’t the first time tyDi has openly talked about his issues concerning the current state of EDM. In october of 2013, tyDi took to Facebook to express his feelings towards the future of EDM. He did it to snap young producers out of their brainwashed states, and hopefully shed some light on the problems with the EDM scene. Now, he’s taking a bit of a different approach. Check out the tune he posted on Soundcloud along with his commentary down below.

It’s a joke guys, don’t get your panties in a knot. My point is that this new ‘bounce’ stuff is ‘cool’ but it’s extremely easy to produce. A child could do it. The first 1.30 mins of this song took 15 mins on a plane flight to create (with iPhone earbuds)… The NEXT part of the song was a little more serious 😉 But I don’t ‘hate’ the genre at all (it’s definitely FUN!), I’m just pointing out how basic it is. It’s all fun and games! I hope to encourage young producers to really work hard on making music that is intelligent, beautiful, has integrity and is challenging.
I don’t dislike the bounce style at all though, I just don’t want the new producers to think that it’s all dance music has to offer. Tyson <3

Is he oversimplifying things? Yes. But is his argument without merit? Definitely not. EDM as a whole has been getting progressively simple over the past few years, and Melbourne bounce is nothing but a mere extension of that. But is that really a bad thing? Not really. There’s nothing wrong with a simple genre. However, it might prove troublesome. The problem that arrises when a genre becomes too simple is that its tunes are ultimately going to sound the exact same. We saw it with big-room house: you’ve got your enormous kick-bassline hybrid with an obnoxiously large tail accompanied by a simple, catchy lead and a cheesy melody and you’re done; you’ve got a “banger.” Tyson does have a point though; “it’s definitely FUN!”

If you’re not completely sure about what Melbourne bounce actually is, here are a few tracks you can check out:

tyDi went out of his way to make sure people understood that it was all fun and games, however. So don’t get too upset about his response to the genre. After all, it could have been a lot  worse.

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