I know what you are thinking, but no, I spelled it right. Paft Dunk, a fake version of the French duo, joined Arcade Fire on stage at Coachella to ring in the closing set of the second weekend. A slow-jam mix of “Get Lucky” was performed to the dance-enthusiast crowd, presumably until “What the fuck is happening? What is this?” is uttered on the microphone. From the video you can’t tell if the crowd was hyped, but the raver’s feelings could go either way for this one.

Later in the set, Beck joined the fun to cover Prince’s “Controversy” in a Pope’s outfit, much like the one Aaron Paul wore the weekend before during the Arcade Fire performance. In trying to close out the weekend’s with a bang, Arcade Fire pulled some strings to bring interesting experiences to the audience. For anybody who was there to see these crossover moments, how were they in real life!?

Source: Spin