At the age of 22, Kygo already has accomplished some very impressive feats. Beginning with his incredible Soundcloud page which showcase the slew of remixes that he has released over the last year including huge hits like the “Sexual Healing” Remix and Ed Sheeran’sI See Fire”, both generating more than 3 million plays.


Diplo said it best when introducing him for his BBC Radio 1 (Diplo & Friends) mix, “He has his own sound…100% original…keeps it around 100 bpm…keepin’ it sexy” not to mention that Diplo said he had begged him to come on the show. What’s even more amazing is that the mix was his first ever and he told Billboard that he “only touched a DJ controller for the first time last year, but I’m getting better”. I think it’s safe to say he got pretty good.


Kygo is on fire. He’s here to stay and if the milestones of plays, likes and general fan response are any indication, the world wants him to continue moving towards center stage.

There is also another upcoming milestone; his first North American Tour, ending at none other than Webster Hall in New York.


Beyond the upcoming tour, he has an official remix of Coldplay’sMidnight” coming out after Chris Martin reached out to commission him for the remix. His sound is being appreciated by some of the best in the business and Kygo is soon to become a very common name in the music world.  With original productions in the work and a summer packed with festival appearances at some of the biggest in the world, I am personally very excited to see the result of the attention and opportunities he will receive.

After all, “everything’s about music these days” to the rising, young star.