Residents of Jefferson County, home of the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, have decided to band together this Friday and hold a board meeting to discuss possible ways to force the amphitheater to lower it’s volume during certain events. The concern comes from the recent explosion of EDM popularity and the far reaching sound waves that stem from the sub-bass frequencies in a typical DJ set.

“You can get the craziest Metallica concert, and that’s not even close to what we’re talking about,” Morrison Mayor Sean Forey said. “This is something new and different than anything in the past.”

The amphitheater is owned by the city of Denver, which implemented new regulations starting January 1st. The regulations state “the average decibels for an entire show shall not exceed 105 decibels for one-minute averages after midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends and holidays.” Despite the recent effort to limit the volume of shows at the amphitheater, many residents of Jefferson County are still not satisfied with the ability of the pumping sub bass to intrude on the structure of their homes.

[One resident] was quoted as saying the noise made his family feel “like prisoners in our own house.”

“It’s like Guantanamo — with loud, thumping music and sleep deprivation,” the resident told town leaders.

If a cap is placed on the volume of Red Rocks shows, the live experience of several of our favorite artists will be effected. Below are some upcoming dates that will rely on turning the volume up to 11:

5/16/14 – Global Dub Festival

w: Datsik, Krewella, Crizzly, Pegboard Nerds, DotEXE

5/17/14 – Grammatik

w: Lettuce, Exmag, Gibbz

5/30/14 – Bassnectar

w: Sub Focus, Kill Paris, Golden Lips of Silence

5/31/14 – Bassnectar

w: The Cookers, Break Science

6/20/14 – Skrillex

6/21/14 – Skrillex

7/3/14 – Zed’s Dead

7/31/14 – Hard Red Rocks

w: Nero, Dillon Francis, Rudimental, Destructo, Julio Bashmore, Samo Sound Boy



Source: Denver Post