Kaskade wants you to get off the couch and move your body. When, we say move we really mean it. Kaskade wants to take EDM fans on a totally immersive 5k run in his latest concept event dubbed The Spark Run.

Slated to hit Denver, Washington D.C., Charlotte, and Chicago, The Spark Run will take fitness (and of course Kaskade) fans through 5 kilometers of a specially designed circuit. In true Kaskade fashion, there will of course be a party waiting to reward the hustle. If you are more charitably inclined, you’re in luck, The Spark Run will be donating all of its proceeds to charity, making this a slam dunk event for someone looking for a night of EDM that’s off the beaten path (pun intended).

Check out more info on The Spark Run at thesparkrun.com



Source: Inthemix