In the midst of the big-room era, it is difficult to find artists producing an unconventional, distinct sound.  Luckily, there are producers out there who attempt to deliver something different, such as up-and-coming Chicago-based duo X5IGHT. Whether or not they succeed in doing so is for you to decide. Evident in their past releases, Levinson and Kurty of X5IGHT have dabbled in a variety of genres and styles, but for their newest creation, they decided to take it a step further by trying to create a whole new sub-genre. X5IGHT is calling their new track Warp, “dark house.”

However, X5IGHT does not wish to be strictly defined by solely one genre. Considering Levinson and Kurty have different musical influences (Levinson – Trance/Progressive and Kurty – Dirty Dutch), they enjoy combining elements of multiple genres into their own music.  X5IGHT feels that the range of sounds within their music is something that can be molded  into a new style altogether.

Levinson, Kurty, and their management team pride themselves in being different.  While they understand they’re only a tiny blip on the radar at the moment, they strongly believe they are beginning to carve their own space. Recently, they have been experimenting a lot in the studio and have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to push EDM past big-room.  It was then that they struck up the idea of “dark house” music.  They want the sound to have a signature dark, yet energetic feeling.

This next original called Warp, is the debut of this new sub-genre.  Through the use of cinematic percussion and grungy sound design, Warp builds a strong sense of rising tensions.  The aggressive melody slowly grows as the song progresses, and the track’s energy is fully released at the last drop.

Now it’s up for you to decide. What do you think of Warp and this new sub-genre called dark house? If you like what you hear, keep an eye out for X5IGHT in the coming months as they continue to search for new ways to push the boundaries of EDM.

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