Some of you may know him as the official bass music editor here at Your EDM. In fact, I’m sure most of you have experienced his ever-popular and frequent articles about Krewella. With these things being said, I’m wondering just how many of you know the inspiring character behind this editor: Daniel Spira.

As a graduate psychology major, Daniel is one who challenges the mind and beliefs of those around him. He strives to make people think on a deeper level and to think for themselves. In order to separate yourself from others in the music industry, challenging the norm and status quo is essential. As you can see through his writing, his ability to speak his mind is evident and extraordinary. Daniel realizes that he has a voice and he is not afraid to let it be heard.

Daniel has only been involved in the music industry for about a year and has already taken tremendous strides to making a substantial impact. Even though he does not have much extra time on his hands (due to a position with the Verge Campus Tour, his recent employment at Apple, and his position at Your EDM), Daniel still somehow finds time to invest into his peers. For those who are so fortunate to call him a friend, they have been able to experience his helping hand and just his overall loving persona.

It is rare to find anything but a beaming smile across his face. We are blessed to have him on the Your EDM team and believe he will be a game changer in the music industry. Daniel would like to share with you how speaking his mind, being passionate, and doing what he loves have all been at the forefront of his success in life thus far.

1)   It’s okay to be opinionated – don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

2)   Your passion and dedication are your greatest assets.

3)   Do what makes you happy and you’ll get to where you want to be.

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