Apparently Arcade Fire is about a decade behind on the whole “who it’s cool to make fun of” thing. While closing out Coachella‘s first weekend, the indie rock band’s frontman Win Butler made a cheap stab at DJs by making a shout out to “all the bands playing real instruments this weekend.” Then, this past weekend at the festival, Arcade Fire’s set featured a surprise cameo appearance from Paft Dunk…aka Daft Punk impersonators for a slow-jam mix of the duo’s hit Get Lucky. Whether or not these instances were meant as a fun jest or an act of ridicule, the band was clearly trying to make some sort of statement about EDM.

However, I am not quite sure what all the implicit hate towards dance music coming from Arcade Fire is all about, considering, generally speaking, many lovers of EDM are probably also big fans of indie rock, but of course infamous internet troll deadmau5 takes to his Twitter to hash out his feelings on the band’s social commentary regarding dance music.







Of course, typical of deadmau5 fashion, he takes a slight jab at Djs as well claiming how he’d rather watch them “fake it”, but not without first declaring his love for the music.

There has been no comment from Arcade Fire yet regarding mau5’s comments or their own jabs at dance music; perhaps they are taking the higher road, or perhaps they are just too busy with their real instruments to know how to work a computer properly. But in the end, one thing is clear: we all should go see an opera.