What was once a wholesome young woman singing about boyfriends, skating, and complicated life has shown herself to be quite the pop-puppet as her newest video hits the web. No, we’re not talking about Miley today, that’ll be some other time soon inevitably. Today’s point of inquiry is none other than French-Canadian pop sensation Avril Lavigne. In order to understand why we’re talking about her, it must be known that the song uses EDM elements in the “chorus,” albeit to terrible effect. You could “say” there’s a “drop” in the “song.” In fact, the “song” is really just a “popstar ploy” for “media presence.” Okay, I’ll stop… Let’s just start the ball rolling by saying that the song is shit. Okay? No need to argue that. It certainly doesn’t help that it was co-written by Chad Kroeger, Avril’s husband and frontman of Nickelback . (Explains some things, huh?) The song is so utterly terrible that it has already begun to disappear from the internet. The video has disappeared from her official VEVO page, and the most anyone else seems to come up with is a lyric video. You can watch the ACTUAL VIDEO below, or at least until it gets removed, as well. Among other abominable factors in the video, it’s absolutely racist. I don’t know who allowed this to pass to production!  Neither the artistic oversight director at Sony Music (a Japanese company), the director of the film, nor Lavigne’s PR team appeared to have any input on this atrocity. Furthermore, who is her intended audience? It certainly isn’t the Asian community, who has expressed enough of their own outrage on the matter. It isn’t those in the internet community, whom you might think would go “Teehee!” when they see the cute Asian girls. It isn’t weaboos or J/KPop fans. There doesn’t seem to be a facet of human life that would see this and think, “Hmm! This seems quite enjoyable! I shall show my friends for I wish them to share in my viewing pleasure!” NO. All of that being said, watch the video below (until it isn’t available anymore). Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Unfortunately, or maybe not, this is the best quality available. I think the worst thing is that I personally believe the drop could have been improved upon; as if there’s any part of this video that was remotely acceptable in the first place. Watch it HERE