Kaskade has been busy with his recent announcement of a new extended play to see a non-digital release this year. He also has a tour coming up with stops in Denver, New York, San Francisco, Tampa, and more. With all this on his plate, Ryan Raddon continues his new Music Mondays series in which every week he drops his full albums on Youtube. This includes his albums It’s You It’s MeIn The MomentThe CalmLove MysteriousStrobelight Seduction, and Dynasty.

Now Kaskade has handed the world half of his second-to-latest album Fire & Ice. This includes hit songs such as “Eyes” with Mindy Gledhill, “Turn It Down” with Rebecca & Fiona, “Lessons In Love” with Neon Trees, “Lick It” with Skrillex, and “Llove” with Haley. We can most likely expect to see the other half drop next week, the first half of the Kaskade ICE mixes the week after, and the second half the week after that. Check the playlist on Youtube here to stream and enjoy.