Twine’s smash “Absolute EP” is finally here! We’ve anxiously anticipated the new record from one of Firepower Records’ most temperamental bass slingers all year and… well, it was absolutely worth the wait. Coming in hot from his Mixify spotlight, Twine throws down five huge tracks that embody the brutally progressive Firepower sound.

“Say Somethin” leads off with reckless heaviness; the perfect tone setter for the album or a concert. Twine wrestles the line of musical absurdity, and the result depends on preference – if you LOVE bass like a physical entity, you’ll dial into the Twine sound very quickly. Rash bars of hip hop carry the track into a drop that would blow the edges of Funtcase‘s mask off.

“Predator,” a collaboration with producer Dion Timmer, brings the pulse down a bit. This trap beat bumps smoothly and feels like a spirited retake of Sub Antix‘ “80 Weight.” The entire song is marked by highly original percussion – can you hear the bongos? There’s nothing quite like genuine musical integrity to spice up a good mix.

“Fuck You” brings us to halftime (what did we ever do to you, Twine?). The crudely-titled tune is perhaps the most ferocious on the EP and works as a tribute to Protohype‘s style. A haunted, 16-bit melody breaks the ice while wild, “Transformer”-style bass strikes overhead. Oomph.

“Thrittene” is next, resonating as a somewhat controlled dubstep-house fusion. While the track could  accelerate the energy of any DJ’s performance, in the Absolute context, it falls a bit flat. But that’s more a statement on the masterful sound of every other track on this EP than a complaint. Thrittene is neither jarring nor subdued and lacks a consistent feel, but still comes loaded with a satisfying drop.

Finally, Twine saves the very best for last with “The Corrupt.” Subtle sound is the name of the game here, as another brilliant, barely audible 16-bit melody serves as the foundation for a bone-breaking chorus. The spooky synth refrain catapults what may be Twine’s best track yet into the legendary tier; we only wish it was longer!

Look no further for one of the best, all-encompassing bass albums of 2014. “The Absolute EP” touches on several different styles in 19 short minutes, and we greatly admire the steps taken outside of the box. Bass music will never become exhausted as long as innovators like Twine are holding the reigns.

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