Many will say that Seven Lions is the master of that whole trance + dubstep vibe, but before Seven Lions got big, there was (and still is) Minnesota. Signature soothing atmospheric synths permeate his productions along with massive basslines and excellent sound design.

This new track ‘Voyager’ will be a part of his first major release since his Altered States EP all the way back in 2012. It’s a grand re-emergence onto the scene and it has been met with open arms by thousands of listeners already. This track uses drums in such a way that it acutely punctuates integral segments of the track, rather than providing a simple rhythm or tempo to it. For that, you can look straight to the melody and instrumental arrangement which includes a not-often-heard flute. Minnesota’s new full album will be out May 20th, be sure to grab it when it drops. In the meantime, be sure to check out his whole discography for free via his Facebook page.

Also, be sure to catch Minnesota on tour with KOAN Sound throughout North America right now. They’ve already played a couple of dates but they might be hitting up your town soon.

Koan Sound & Minnesota NA Tour