One of Dubstep’s most iconic producers and DJ’s, Trolley Snatcha is always someone I look forward to hearing new material from. A consistently prominent presence on the scene, his utterly epic ‘Fuck You Looking At’ has just been snapped up by Never Say Die and will be released on 28th April via their ‘Black Label Vol.2’. Having followed his career since the release of his ‘Subtext’ EP and subsequently watching him live at Dub Police nights at Fabric a few years ago, I was super excited to have the chance to speak to him about this new release and what we can expect to hear soon.

It is an honour to chat to one the artists I used to watch monthly at Fabric, London! What have you been up to recently?

Well it’s always an honour to chat to a supporter of my music. Over the past year I’ve been doing what I do best, sitting in my studio, writing music and flying to locations I’ve wanted to go to since I was young to play that music. I definitely can’t complain. I’m planning to get back to a steady release schedule in 2014 as I’m sitting on a lot of new stuff at the minute.

How did you end up getting ‘Fuck You Looking At’ on Never Say Die’s Black Label Vol.2?

I’ve known Tommy (SKisM) for years now. He’s a good guy with a wicked ear for new sounds and if you ask him he’d agree that I’m a stinge bag & I don’t send him enough of my music, haha. So when he told me he was planning to put out this project, I was more than happy to give him some tunes for it.

What was the creative process behind this track? Did you spend a lot of time in the studio on it?

I actually never usually write music travelling or on flights. But I distinctly remember starting this one on a flight to Tokyo. I’m pretty quick when I work on music and write a lot of tracks for several different projects. so I can’t stand to work on one tune for more than a couple of days. This one is a blur of staring at a screen with lack of sleep, but what music isn’t these days?

Which release of yours have you been most proud of and why?

I don’t really have a favourite release as such. Like everyone else on the planet my music taste changes constantly, so every release I’ve ever put out is my favourite for about two weeks. Then I can’t stand listening to anymore, I’m usually too excited for the next work in progress.

Do you have any more releases planned for the rest of 2014? Can we expect to see you on Never Say Die again?

Yeah, as I mentioned earlier I think I’m sitting on a lot of new music, around 20-30 finished Trolley Snatcha tunes roughly. All the guys at NSD are friends of mine so I’m sure there will be more future collaborations.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, Big Ups!