Kai Wachi is back with something big after his previous release three months ago in January. We’ve been waiting for something ever since; now, we have an extremely heavy electro beauty. I do have to clarify that it is so ugly that it is beautiful, but after hearing the monstrous bass you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

The intro and bridge feature classical compositions constructed by Kai’s madman mind with the help of his skilled ear. I mean, just listen to the instrumentation. With the dark monologue setting up the drop, you find yourself wondering what in the hell could come next. The answer? A straight up gargantuan growl that sees itself shape-shift inside the minimal arrangement as things progress. I can only imagine the mentioned paradise being fraught with infected bassheads who want to have a trashy good time. If that’s what you are looking for, then Kai Wachi and Kannibalen Records can serve you well.

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