From what probably started eight months ago until now, a lot has happened for Flume and Lorde. One of those things being a remix from the Australian producer of Lorde’s single “Tennis Court” that has been released in full form. Well, you can’t download it yet, but given that streaming’s popularity has soared lately, I don’t think you guys mind too much.

In just nine hours, Flume has racked up over 175,000 plays on his Soundcloud for this song. There’s probably a reason for that… I think it’s because the remix is so damn good. The future hop sound comes from the more spunky side of the twenty-two year old for a reproduction that bumps hard live. On some real levels, it slaps hard anywhere I’m sure. Flume’s crisp sounds, headlined in my opinion by the panned tremolo synths whose airy tone sends shivers down your spine, are miraculously crafted by a gifted hand. Even the subtle vocals, that are almost used like a short guitar riff, have wondrous effects. I even think I hear a neigh (or something like that) at 4.54.

Just listen now please. It’s dank. Enjoy it.

Purchase on Flume Deluxe Edition on iTunes