Sit back and get ready for some awesome tunes from the Your EDM Collection Soundcloud page. That’s probably why you are here for this Conspectus chapter in the first place. No matter, let’s get to the music, so you can get to your weekend that you have been waiting for since last Sunday ended.

Chapter 8:

It’s always a good thing to start off with some Melbourne bounce. Especially if it is from Bombs Away who puts David Guetta to shame with his remix of “Shot Me Down.” I just absolutely love this single. From the intro to the chorus, it’s constructed perfectly to be a massive banger. There’s a reason this one’s gotten over 300 reposts, and you are about to hear why. Enjoy this goodie.

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Thomas Crowne, who appeared in the last chapter with a collaboration, finds himself in another segment with a totally different style. Both tracks are fire, but if you like funk, then you are going to be infatuated with Thomas remix of “Without You.” The disco house edit is one of the more favorable remixes I have heard, even if you count in the official remix EP. This song is just too cool not to like.

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Deep house anyone? Thought so. Panic City dropped “Real Lies” on our Soundcloud three days ago with over 7,000 plays at this point in time. Usually deep house is a little chiller, but Panic City’s upbeat vibe is nothing to complain about one bit. Not that it’s more fun than tracks who may go deeper, but it certainly has some zest that may attract those who aren’t sold on the genre yet.

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Taking things to the chill zone is the band Since You whose track “Lela Bells” comes to us off their self-titled EP. Ava Trilling is credited as being a feature in the song, which also happens to be the only feature on the whole EP. It has an indie vibe with electronic elements mixed in; I would love to see this get played live by the band. For now a computer will suffice, so sit back and relax for this baby.

Lastly, we have Mr. Groove‘s single “Hey!,” which is the only track in this chapter you’d have to dish out money for if you want it. The festival sound is loud and proud in this exclamatory cry of musical tones. Mr. Groove knows a thing or two about being on the charts with this being another push for a place in a top spot. Help him get there by making a purchase if you dig it!

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