In the Southern region of Sudan, there live a vast collection of tribes who refer to themselves as the ‘Dinka‘ people. Within this tribe, their simplistic lifestyle of farming and agriculture enables them to truly enjoy life away from paralyzing Western influences such as materialism and politics. Their entire culture heavily relies on music, with chants, songs, folklore and dances describing their rich, undocumented history and their own, unique methods of self expression. As people of the land, their intimate connection with the Earth enables the Dinka people to strive for harmony and balance within their tribes, as well as connections to the outside world. This intimate way of life is the essential foundation for the wonderful Progressive House producer, Dinka, and her brilliant, heartfelt melodies have quickly cemented her legacy in stone within the entire Progressive House scene. Her accomplished career already boasts an extensive discography with works released on Silk Royal, Vandit and Anjunadeep, and has received many nods of approval from industry leaders such as Tiesto and Above & Beyond. What is fascinating about Dinka is her affinity with peace and prosperity as her manta for creating music is, ‘to fuse cultures and boundaries together under one beautiful sound that comprises the World Of Dinka‘. After several months of inactivity, she quickly re-establishes her reputation by teaming up with an upcoming Prog Tech talent that is Morttagua. Together, these two infuse their unique, orchestrated sounds into a melodic powerhouse and astonishes listeners with their brand new collaboration, In Caelo.

In Caelo is actually quite interesting within an aesthetical point of view because it follows a very different route of sound synthesis within a collaboration. Rather than have a mixture of defining sounds within the arrangement, these two directly play off of each others strengths within each and every instrument. For example, the bassline contains the iconic Morttagua signature, but is merged with Dinka‘s edgy Progressive House timbre to make it coarser and rougher than usual. While the harmonic voices are within Dinka‘s Swiss Progressive style, it is orchestrated in a way that softens the entire balance of the phrase towards more of a Progressive feel, a la Morttagua. This exhilarating blend of sounds undoubtedly produces an original fluidity that cannot be truly defined by standard genre definitions and its mysterious intrigue only heightens its innate character. In fact, its numerous mysterious qualities, such as its undefinable vocals, subdued piano chords and filtered vocals, causes the very borders of the piece to fade and blur into complete obscurity, but its calming melodies still connect listeners on a deep, personal level. In Caelo is full of paralyzing complexities and contradictions, but its illogical nature and cutting edge sound design keeps listeners hooked within their comforting tones, wanting to learn a little more with every listen.

Dinka & Morttagua‘s radiant collaboration, In Caelo, will be out tomorrow on Pineapple Digital via Beatport, so make sure you grab your copy tomorrow.


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