I would proudly like to introduce to all of you Fight Night, an absolutely epic duo consisting of vocalist and song-writer, Andy Gruhin, and producer and guitarist, Josh Grant. A few of you may wonder why I mentioned a guitar player and well, that’s because the guitar is part of their sound. (Crazy, right?) Now instead of going into great detail about their new track and rambling off some production terms many of you probably have never heard of or care about, I want to reminisce for a second.

Remember all those punk-rock/alternative bands we all used to listen to, (and maybe some of you still do), like Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Taking Back Sunday, and My Chemical Romance? Remember those times when we begged our parents to help fund us for tickets to festivals like Bamboozle and Warped Tour? Today it has become begging our bosses for those extra shifts so we can afford EDM festivals like EDC, Ultra, EZoo, etc.

Now imagine music that still highlights what we love about EDM (the drop), while bringing out the punk-rocker in all of us. (I swear I’m going somewhere with this.) This music that I am telling you to imagine is exactly what Fight Night creates with their first and brand new release, “Broken Wing.”

Before you guys jump ahead and hit the play button, I just want to mention that many of you are going to ask things like “what the hell is this?” and “why would someone use Simple Plan in a trap song?” Yeah, this isn’t your every day EDM track, but let’s be real, hearing the same thing over and over gets a little boring after a while right? So what I ask of you is to listen to this with an open mind. Not only that, but listen to the ENTIRE track because yes, there is a drop, and no, it isn’t some crazy intricate explosion of synths, but it will definitely catch you off guard. On that note, press play; the free download is below.