Maurizio Colella has taken 2014 as the year to shape his sound away from his progressive house style and gear it more towards the deep house genre. This includes his latest releases such as “Reckless Ardor” and “Cooling You Off” both released on Enormous Tunes earlier this year. Now, the seasoned veteran of electronic dance music known as EDX has something totally new for Spinnin’ Deep.

EDX’s new song titled “Breathin'” is on point when it comes to creating a tranquil atmosphere. This includes beautiful piano riffs, solid male vocals, and low hitting beats. Even though the preview only shows forty-eight seconds of the new song, it is enough to get fans like myself anxious for the upcoming release. Mark your calendars for June 2 and check the preview below.

UPDATE: The release date for “Breathin'” has been changed to June 16th.