Sick Individuals, the Dutch duo from Amsterdam, is currently making waves throughout the electronic dance music scene with their latest release Rock & Rave on Ultra Records. Following their past collaborations with Dannic and Axwell, Jim & Ray are on their way to the top with their energetic and melodic sound that you can hear throughout festivals and dance floors alike. To celebrate their latest track, Sick Individuals took the time to answer a few of our questions as well as give us a pretty awesome mix! So hit play, enjoy the interview and be sure to grab a copy of Rock & Rave!
Sick Individuals – Rock & Rave: Get a copy here: Beatport!

Your EDM Mix With Sick Individuals:

How did you two meet in the first place?

We met each other while we were studying Music Composition & Production. On the first day each student had to play their music that they’ve created in front of the class with everyone listening. We both loved each other’s music, became buddies and that’s how it started!

When did you start working together and how would you describe your music?

We started producing together in 2010. So it’s almost time for our five year Sick-anniversary!

The word ‘energetic’ would describe our music perfectly! Actually our music brings out the best of both worlds, powerful but also with an emotional feeling like our track with Axwell ‘I AM’ for example.
Whenever we are in the studio we aim for top-notch productions that can give you that special feeling anywhere in the world!
With our live shows we want to create legendary performances that gives our fans goose bumps and spectacular memories that will last forever! We are working on some ‘sick’ concepts already!

Which do you think better describes your mindset going into a show? Rock star or raver?

Definitely an energetic Raver on stage, Rock Star backstage haha!

Where did the name ‘Rock & Rave’ come from?

A creative studio process at night, good music and some beers. 🙂
It’s catchy and we do both on a regular basis.

What were some of your “go-to” plugins and synths for this original?

OneKnob Filter

Which do you find easier to work on, remixes or originals?

With remixes we can easily build around the vocal. We love to start a new original record after touring the world, because we tend to always be very creative when we get back in our studio after a tour or after travel when we rocked a wicked venue! Inspiration is what counts most in the studio! That is also our priority for this year; we want to release more Sick Individuals’ originals!

Last year we produced around 25 remixes for other artists and labels around the globe. We are always on the lookout for the next big thing and we tend to stay in line with our name, we tend to keep our productions ’Sick’!

Any big tour plans coming up?

Currently we are on tour ‘down under’ in Australia, then next week back to Holland and then another Asia tour at the beginning of May.

In May we are also touring North America again (East Coast) and at the end of June 2 weeks (West Coast).

And we will kick off our first Las Vegas residency at Drais this Summer, which we are more than excited for!

Any big festivals you guys are looking forward too?

Well we are anxious to play them all but these are the festivals we are really looking forward to:
Mysteryland, Tomorrowland, Sensation, Electric Zoo in NY!

Since your collaborations with Dannic and Axwell meeting major success, will we see more collaborations in the near future?

Well this is a bit of exclusive info – we are planning a collab with Dannic again!!

Furthermore we can announce that more ‘vocal/cross-over tracks’ are coming up this year like we did with Axwell on ‘I AM’.… We are testing them live already!

What’s the best place to go for vacation?

Tough question, let’s make it a small road trip around the world!

Ibiza is a good ‘party island’ to start for two days, two days at the beach in India Goa to rock & rave, a sick night in NYC, one day in laidback Los Angeles and to finish it up in Amsterdam!

Something like that 😉

Which is the sound that we’ll dance in Summer 2014?

That’s easy: our sound! 🙂 Melodic and full of energy!

But also Deep house; it’s already coming up and a lot of people are supporting this genre. In our opinion people are getting tired of hearing the hard style kick and same rhythm every time over and over.

We think two things will stand out: the melodic parts (real house music with melodies) and also the tech house/deep house.

Thanks for the interview YourEDM and keep on rocking and raving!

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