The death of a legendary figure like DJ Rashad, whose larger than life contributions to the world of music changed the landscape for the better, is never something that is easy to take. What further exacerbates the situation is when the possibility of overdose is on the table. Initial reports stated that this was most likely the case given Rashad was found in his home near or around drugs and paraphernalia. With the numerous drug overdoses that the music scene has seen over the course of its modern lifetime, having to add another one to the list isn’t something we’d want to see happen. Regardless of how, the real matter is we lost an extraordinary person. His legend will live on in through the many people he has touched over the course of his lifetime and beyond.

It seems toxicology reports are still ongoing, so expect an update if more information comes to the surface. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out his EP that dropped today on vinyl, you should. The digital version comes out May 13th.


Source: Pitchfork