Cookie Monsta is something of a legend within the Dubstep scene. Part of the UK’s stellar Circus Records, this producer and DJ is renowned for his explosive, bass heavy sounds. Having been hooked in by the sounds of Rusko a fair few years back, he began to establish himself as a creator of original, grimy basslines and utterly individual pieces of sound design. Since his first release on Flux’s iconic label ‘Ginger Pubes/Blurgh!’, he has gone on to explore many sides of the genre and become increasingly in demand for his energetic performance style, not to mention sense of humour.  A regular across the global tour circuit, it comes as no surprise that Cookie was offered the chance to head over to the States alongside Zomboy on his forthcoming LP tour. He has also turned his more than capable hand to remixing ‘WTF!?’ – Zomboy’s first single, out next month. We were able to speak to one of our favourite bass makers about his current musical plans.  

How did the new remix for Zomboy come about?

The remix came out simply because I’m hitting up on his ‘The Outbreak’ tour and we haven’t done anything together before.    

If you had to describe your sound to an alien who wanted to hear Dubstep for the first time, what would you tell them? 

My sound is basically lots of loud noises put together to make one big sound that sounds noisy. Like when you sneeze and your butt clenches…  

You feature on Zomboy’s The Outbreak tour, which starts next month – if you could sum up life on the road in three words, what would they be?

Calm, quiet and relaxed.

You often express frustration at music being constantly categorized, do you think this will improve over time or will it always be an issue?

I don’t think it is an issue and people will always do it, which I’m fine with. The phrase “EDM” annoys me because people use it to sound cool and have no idea about the music they’re going to listen to. People should just listen to music they like and not what people are shouting about.

Both Never Say Die and Circus are both huge Dubstep labels in the UK – what do you think of claims that the genre is dead over there? 

The Dubstep scene over here in the UK has gone through a really long journey, it’s been in the background for many years until around 2007 when it blew up and in the whole of the UK loved the next big thing. Nowadays it’s going downhill and I think it’s just like any other genre of music; people mature and find new music. No one ever listens to one genre for their entire lives, it always evolves. Now the younger generation are turning eighteen, they’re listening to Garage and UK House – which sounds the same as it did in the early 2000’s. It’s a constant cycle of evolving music.

What do you have coming up in terms of new releases?

I have lots of new music waiting to be finalised and the ammo is ready to be used! Lots of dance floor killers and the odd RPG to blow the place down!

 Finally, favourite brand of cookie? And do you dunk them in tea? 

I don’t have one, there’s too many to decide from. The best ones tend to be the bigger ones that have just been cooked so they are all soft and gooey! I gotta go get me some now! And EVERYTHING gets dipped in my tea!

Big ups for the chat Cookie, looking forward to hearing more from you soon!