On average we cover 15-20 stories a day. Those stories can range from new releases, to news pieces and to lengthy editorials. While we’d love for all our visitors to read everything we write, we know that simply isn’t possible. Everyone is busy, has work, school or other things to do throughout the day and simply can’t read and enjoy everything we cover. For that reason we feel like you would appreciate having an article that recaps everything you might have missed from last week. The point of this post is to list a few of the biggest stories we covered so that you can stay on top of your EDM news without having to spend hours digging through hundreds of articles. So without further ado, here are the biggest stories from last week:

Tiësto announces upcoming album with impressive roster of collaborators, from Hardwell to Krewella.

Read more here: Tiësto to Release New Album, A Town Called Paradise

Dancing With The Stars decides to add an EDM twist to their show by choreographing a dance to Martin Garrix’s Animals.

Watch and laugh here: Dancing With The Stars Goes EDM

Electric Zoo isn’t out of the woods quite yet as the 3 day events still hasn’t received the required city permit.

Read more about it here: City Permit Still Required For Electric Zoo to Return

Good news Ultranauts, Ultra Music Festival isn’t going anywhere!

Read here: Ultra To Stay In Miami, Vote Went 4-1

TomorrowWorld is set to impress and amaze with their staggering line up!

See phase 1 of the line up here: TomorrowWorld 2014 Announces Staggering Line Up

Deadmau5 goes after Arcade Fire’s comments and apparent distaste of EDM.

Read here: Deadmau5 Fires Back At Arcade Fire: “Dafuqs Yer Problem?” 

Aiden Jude isn’t all what he seems, the 10 year old “prodigy” hasn’t been completely honest.

Read here: Aiden Jude’s Ghost Producer Revelation Shocks World

Oliver Helden keeps on delivering. His latest track is so good it doesn’t need a title.

Listen here: Oliver Heldens’ “:]” Is So Good It Doesn’t Need A Title

Skrillex voices his opinion on genres and the current state of dance music.

Read here: Skrillex On Genres: “There’s room for everything.”