I was speaking with a close friend recently. He’s a realtor and developer and mentioned to me that when looking at a property, you can either remodel or completely demolish. Sometimes it’s just simpler to start over completely with just a good foundation. Fortunately, DotEXE did not hear my friend speaking this way and remodeled the shit out of Koda’s ‘Staying.’

The original is an extremely mellow, instrumental, bare bones vocal journey. It’s calming and elicits a myriad of emotions. DotEXE’s reinterpretation leaves many of the original elements intact including the overarching melody and the vocals. But now what we get is a beefed up chillstep remix that blows us all away. The drop is a masterful remodel that bounces and glides along with tropical synths that speak to relaxation and serenity. Even more so, the second drop is an incredible drum & bass breakdown that doesn’t sacrifice melody for grit.

Listen to the track below and grab your free download HERE.