Coming out with force on Black Sun Empire’s Blackout Music label, The Upbeats might have the market beat on freshest DnB with this one. Blackout Music has already had a great first quarter with the release of State Of Mind’s new LP, Eat The Rich, and they don’t intend on stopping the rollout anytime soon.

Featuring extremely intelligent basslines, incredible energy, and innovative production, Rituals is perfect to re-educate those purists who feel there’s nothing good coming out these days. From the ominously eerie beginnings on tear-out opener ‘Rituals’ to the melody-rich dubstep leanings of ‘Replacement’, The Upbeats demonstrate impressive versatility across all five tracks. Rituals manages to keep DnB fresh while still managing to stay true to the roots.

Check out some of the tracks below and be sure to support the artists when the EP drops on May 5th. In the meantime, you can download the track ‘Corposant’ via The Upbeats’ Facebook for free HERE.