By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about the tragic death of Juke/Footwork champion, DJ Rashad. For anyone that isn’t up to date, more info can be found here. Initial reports lead us to believe this was caused by a drug overdose, but the information remains inconclusive. Whatever the cause, his death is a major blow to this musical community…but it has also inspired new creations.

As tribute to the man himself, future bass and acid juke producer, Yheti, has released a laid-back, trippy tune reminiscent of the Teklife Crew‘s signature sound. Showcasing the juke drum patterns and sample work DJ Rashad pioneered while adding his own signature psychadelic twist, Yheti has crafted a truly unique offering to the legacy Rashad left behind. In his own words:

“After hearing of him passing away I felt compelled to make a tribute juke track to express my gratitude and to shine light on cultivating a more mindful state in juke culture on excessive drug use; moderation is essential to create a ninja like balance.”


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