In an astonishing testament to how the big guys always start out as small guys, Exo Moda is presenting a damn fine case for himself with his new EP, Kriegshorn. There are four tracks on this EP, the first two demonstrating a new style to Exo Moda and the latter two featuring his exceptional skill at producing electrohouse.

I’m probably going to get fair bit of hate for this, but the first, and title, track ‘Kriegshorn’ sounds like The Glitch Mob’s new LP, but better. It’s got a style all its own – not quite glitch, not exactly dubstep. If anything, it’s basically electronic rock (as neophytic as that sounds). Huge kicks and a thundering guitar riff demonstrate an exemplary talent for sound design and implementation. The backing lead synths are hugely uplifting and inspirational to the point where you can’t decide whether to headbang or raise a lighter.

‘Frankenstein’s Solo’ utterly flips the typical kick-snare pattern on its head, supplementing the usual snare sample with a lighter ‘tambourine crash’ and, simply enough, completely reimagines the sound. Guitar solos and and powerfully dark background melody along with huge percussive energy should make this track anyone’s favorite immediately.

The final two tracks, ‘Victoria v1’ and ‘Dee Eye’ are a look back at Exo Moda’s original sound. It’s immediately apparent how the first two tracks are as good as they sound – Exo Moda has been killing it from the beginning. These two electrohouse tracks knock it out of the park. ‘Victoria’ has a super gritty bassline and a ridiculously catchy hook that doesn’t rely on the oversampled ‘big room’ sound. It’s unbelievably energetic and sure to get anyone bouncing. ‘Dee Eye’ walks the same line as ‘Victoria’ but has a slightly different way about it. Same kick and tempo, switch up the lead synth and bassline and you’ve got yourself another track.

Check out the whole EP below and support the artist by getting it on iTunes.