The last we heard of Crywolf, he was releasing a free single from his then-upcoming EP. Today marks the day of the full release for his Angels EP and it is just about as emotional as the ending to Forest Gump (for those of you uneducated, that means ‘very’).

First off, I have a soft spot for any release with an ‘Intro’ or ‘Prelude’ track. It tends to show that there is some overarching theme that must be introduced. The EP is arranged in such a way that you can put it on and not realize that any track has ended and the next has begun. It has this way of letting you lose yourself in the music which rarely happens for me, personally.

In that respect, it seems almost wasteful to critique any single track individually. This is the kind of work you listen to when you need to examine yourself. The bass is euphoric in its ability to sway, to rise and fall with each passing breath. Crywolf lends his own vocals to the work to make it even more personal. Every little element put just rightly so, in order to evoke just such a feeling.

Here is a message from the artist himself, via his Facebook:

When you see an artist on stage, or discover them online, it always looks like a one-man-show. The reality is, artists can dream all they want, but none of them could ever turn those dreams into a reality without their power team… I’d like to take this chance to acknowledge mine:

First of all, to my manager Ian, who has been with me almost from the beginning. He’s seen me on top of the world, has seen me almost cry, and has slapped sense into me in both situations. He is constantly pushing me to work harder and go for bigger things. Next, to Johnluke Lewis: my drummer, my partner in crime, and one of the most incredible writers I know. He has been there from the beginning, and I have more crazy memories with him than almost anyone I know. My other manager Dex, the only one that keeps it cool when the rest of the team is losing their shit and throwing avocados. Dylan Eiland (Le Castle Vania) for believing in my music enough to put it out on his label, for encouraging me to be unique, for being a fantastic friend, and for teaching me so much. [Keep on smangin it.] Alex and Lindsay Phillips, two of my siblings and also two of my best friends, for contributing writing and some beautiful vocals [respectively] on the album. My parents for always encouraging me in my music ventures, and either liking or maybe just pretending to like my music [I still can’t quite tell] .

To all of my blogger + youtube channel friends (way too many to list here) who have supported by posting this music and giving me feedback on it – you guys are the great equalizing democracy, an invaluable part of the music industry. I read every single post you guys write about my stuff, and appreciate all of them.

And lastly, but not at all least[ly]: I’d like to thank you guys, my fans. There are so many difficult things that come with being a melodic, lyrically-based artist in an industry filled with club banger music, and there have been so many times when I have been ready to give up. You all have kept me going with your loving words, and how passionately and phenomenally you have supported my music. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Love you all,


[Justin Phillips]

This may in fact be the most abstract review I’ve ever written, and that’s okay. Do yourself the happiness of listening to the EP below. When you do so, lay down on your bed… close your eyes… try to shut everything out and just be enveloped.

Support Crywolf by grabbing a copy of his Angels EP on iTunes.

Also, for those of you willing to dig for it, there miiiiiight be a free copy of the EP somewhere out on the internets. Crywolf has asked me not to divulge its location, and I’d like to ask the rest of you to abide by his wish, as well.