America’s favorite, and most dangerous cult, thrillkillkult, has been killing it since the late 1980’s when they first came to fruition. Still running strong, these guys are on the cusp of releasing another album, Spooky Tricks, on May 6th; however, they wanted to give you guys an early peek, so Your EDM was blessed with the premiere of the single “Hell Kat Klub.” Their unique sound should raise hell in the world of electronic music that is predominantly driven by festival-tailored house music.

Although they are a band, their musical expressions are heavily electronic with undertones of drum & bass and other breakbeat styles. “Hell Kat Klub” falls in line with their other works that have seen their way into films and television. You can’t tell me this song isn’t perfect for describing an all-night underground rave. Then again, some people think a festival is a rave, so I can see the disconnect. No matter, this is something the wild and crazy can connect to.

thrillkillkult will also be touring starting May 28th. The full tour schedule can be found here.