In an interview with BBC, Porter Robinson divulged what information he could about his upcoming album, Worlds, that so many of us have been waiting for. All twelve of the final masters have been completed, but the world must wait until the yet-to-be revealed date for the goodies, except for “Sea of Voices” that you can stream here. In freeing himself creatively, Porter stated that it allowed him to be in his “favorite place with music, ever.” In being so content, one can get the sense that this album has some serious potential to turn the scene on its head, despite the producer not having any intentions to be a game-changing figure.

Other topics that were covered was the fact that Porter wasn’t looking to be a DJ, which will be evident from the tone of the album. Ghost producing was also something that came up with Porter stating he feels his time should be spent on his own music. He did admit that he took his name off a billing for a song he collaborated on with a friend, but hey, that’s not a big deal, nor is it really ghost producing in the vile sense we think of. For the full interview with more details check out the BBC source below.

Source: BBC